Durable 3 Speeds Automatic Stir TopViralPick
Durable 3 Speeds Automatic Stir TopViralPick
Durable 3 Speeds Automatic Stir TopViralPick
Durable 3 Speeds Automatic Stir TopViralPick

Durable 3 Speeds Automatic Stir

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Stirring is an important step in food preparation. Whether you are making soup, or baking cakes, you cannot avoid stirring. It can be a pretty relaxing activity, if you are stirring liquids that are not too sticky or thick. However, if you are stirring something heavy and thick, then it can turn into a tiresome activity.

Stirring is important to maintain consistency and uniformity in your mixture. This is especially true in baking, and in some soups. Do it wrong, and the taste and texture may not be the same all throughout.

If you just cannot be bothered to do some serious stirring, then let Stir Free do it for you. Simply pop it in any mixture you want to be stirred well, and this little baby will do all the necessary stirring for you.

It has three different speeds you can choose from.

Choose from three different stirring speed levels, depending on what you are stirring. Whether if you need to stir a soup or a custard, there is a suitable speed for the stirring that you need.

It is safe to use with food.

The Stir Free is made from food safe ABS plastic, so you can safely use it in your kitchen. The legs are made from stainless steel, wrapped with rubber at the end, making it safe for non-stick cookware and kitchenware.

It can stir up to four hours.

Talk about stirring power. While our arms may likely give up after 5 minutes of continuous and consistent stirring, the Stir Free will not. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it can do a consistent and non-stop stirring for four straight hours. With the Stir Free in your kitchen, you can say goodbye to tired and strained arms.

It is easy to use.

Simply press a button for your desired or required stirring speed. The Stir Free is also easy to clean after each use. The stainless steel legs can be washed in your dishwasher, while the battery pack needs to be hand washed.

Convenient stirring is just a few clicks away. Order today!


  • It can stir up to 4 hours, non-stop.
  • Choose from three different stirring speeds.
  • It is made from food grade materials.
  • It is so easy to use.