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Bath Buddy

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How can you make bath times fun for dogs? That’s a question many dog parents have been trying to figure out because giving dogs a bath can be such a frustrating experience. Good thing there’s finally a fix. Introducing the Bath Buddy!

There’s no need to bring your dog to the groomer and spend a lot of money just to pay someone to give your furry pal a bath. No need to chase a dog that tries to escape the bathroom, or waste time finding a dog that really doesn’t want to get cleaned up.

With the Bath Buddy, Spot stays where he is as you wash him with soap and water. Why? Because he’s too busy with his bathroom companion!

It’s easy to use.

The Bath Buddy is a distraction device. To use it, you simply smudge xylitol-free peanut butter on the 5-inch paw-shaped pad and then stick the device on the wall using the big suctioning cap on the back. The dog will no doubt lap it up and lick his treat, while you’re giving him the bath. When he’s done eating the peanut butter, you’re also finished bathing him.

It’s simple to clean.

No fuss, no mess, and no frustration! After the dog’s bath, just remove the Bath Buddy from its suction and wipe the wall. This device is made from silicon mat so it’s dishwasher-safe. Pop it up on the machine to clean and use for the next bath time. The silicon material is also food-safe and free of harmful chemicals.

It’s sanitary.

Before the Bath Buddy came along, people apparently smudged their bathroom walls with peanut butter. This method seemed unhygienic and unhealthy so it’s a great thing someone invented a better solution.

Are you ready to bring dog bathing to the next level? Order this today!


  • Delivers fuss-free and enjoyable bath times for your dog
  • Made of easy-to-clean silicone material
  • Strong suctioning function so it holds on the wall
  • Easy to clean via the dishwasher
  • Safe and chemical free for the dog to feed on